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Dear Colleague

We are pleased to welcome you to this webcast of the highlights from the 10th International Transplantation Symposium.

This symposium coincided with the start of a new decade and also marked 10 years since the introduction of the mTOR-inhibitor class of immunosuppressant in clinical use.

At this educational event we shared important clinical experience and provided an opportunity to review and discuss the latest science and evidence for immunosuppressive strategies for renal transplantation. The symposium also focused on the identification of practical approaches for managing important risk factors which are associated with poor longer-term outcomes in renal transplantation.

In addition to this online event, if you would like to find out more, look for the special print and electronic supplement to Transplantation Proceedings based on this webcast, which will be available in October 2010.

Professor Franco Citterio,
Catholic University Sacro Cuore,
Rome, Italy

Professor Jeremy Chapman,
Westmead Hospital,
Sydney, Australia

Educational Objectives

The following educational objectives were defined for the meeting:

  1. To review the evidence which informs the development of potential approaches to improve long-term outcomes in renal transplantations
  2. To understand the science which underlies the optimization of immunosuppression in renal transplantation
  3. To provide opportunity to share clinical experience and agree practical approaches for managing risk factors associated with the limitation of long-term outcomes in renal transplantation